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Introduction to Argumentative Essay and Some Interesting Topics

Presenting an argument verbally is a fun thing to do. You get to interact with many people with different mindsets and get to know how people think about your argument. On the other hand, presenting an argument for an essay writer is a technical thing to paper writing service. Since it is not possible for everyone to write things in a formal and appropriate way. Argumentative essays are one of the most frequently written essays by students at different academic levels. This types of essay allow a student to improve his or her writing, thinking, persuading, and of course researching skills. In an argumentative essay, the writer basically brings up his or her point of view regarding the provided topic. 

In other words, in this type of college essay, the students aim to convince the audience that the point of view presented by him is the most appropriate. This is why argumentative essay writing is considered to be a bit more technical than any other essay type. Along with being time-consuming, this type of essay writing needs a lot of concentration and availability of authentic data to write my essay and support the claim the writer is making. 

All these factors together make argumentative essay writing a difficult task for the students. This eventually leads them to find some kind of online essay writer who can help them in this regard and take their stress away. Another thing that makes essay writing a scary task for the students is the topic selection. The topic plays a vital role in making an essay more valid and effective. This is why finding the right topic for any kind of essay is important and must be done with write essay for me. In this article, you will find some amazing topics on which you can easily write a good argumentative essay. 

Education essay topics

  1. Vending machines should not be allowed in schools. 
  2. Should the private school system replace the public school system? If yes, why? 
  3. How does the poverty of parents affect the education quality of a child? 
  4. New education policies are emphasizing more STEM education. Why?
  5. How does gender discrimination affect the education system?
  6. Do traditional punishment methods really work on the behavior of students?
  7. Why do other countries are one step ahead of the education system of the U.S.? 
  8. Is homeschooling an advantage or a disadvantage for students?

Women's issues topics

  1. Should abortion be declared a major crime? 
  2. Should the morning-after pill be provided without any prescription? 
  3. Why do women fail to make as much money doing the same work as their male colleagues? 
  4. Many say that prostitution is a choice of a woman and should be respected. What do you think about it? 
  5. Should a girl be forced to marry a guy that the family finds a perfect suit for her? 
  6. What are the biggest gender-related challenges for women in the workplace?
  7. How long should women be allowed to avail of maternity leave?
  8. What are some of the biggest security challenges for female politicians?

Legal essay topics

  1. Should there be a law that allows people to carry marijuana? 
  2. Should a person have the right to choose to die? 
  3. At what age should an individual be allowed to drink at home?
  4. Would do you think about the athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs?
  5. What is your personal opinion about the LGBT community? 
  6. Should religious institutions be allowed tax exemptions?
  7. Do you believe the death penalty is justified in any religion?
  8. Should a prisoner be granted the right to vote while being in jail? 

Technology essay topics

  1. Is an increased dependence on technology making our body duller? 
  2. Should students be allowed to take help from smart gadgets in school?
  3. Smartphones affect growth and development in children. 
  4. Has print media vanished away? 
  5. Do comment sections on social media mentally torture the one posting the content? 
  6. Technology has made a lot of manual labor obsolete. State your personal views. 
  7. What should people do when their job is replaced with a technological element? 
  8. Has online dating created a gap between married couples? 

Society and culture essay topics

  1. Sex education should be provided to every student at school. 
  2. What are your opinions about the Black Lives Matter movement?
  3. Do you think that affirmative action is still needed? 
  4. Should it be illegal to burn the flag of any country?
  5. Do you think school and college athletes should be paid?
  6. Can sex criminals be rehabilitated?
  7. Do you think the Electoral College should be closed?
  8. Should the United States have one official language?

These topics will also prevent you from asking anyone to “write my essay for me”.  After you have selected a topic, you need to collect some authentic and relevant data related to your topic. You must know that authentic data makes an essay meaningful and reliable for the reader. This is why you should ensure that you are collecting the right type of data for your essay.  It is totally understandable that essay writing takes time and is not every time possible for the students to complete such assignments in time. If you also face such a situation, we recommend you to go for an essay writing service. 

Such services will write high-quality essays and will ensure that they are using 100% unique content. It will also ease all your stress of completing assignments. For this reason, this is the best option for a student who wants to complete an essay writing assignment in time and also wants to score a good grade. 

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